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You might not hit a bull's-eye at this very moment, but you will in the near future. A friendship plays a significant role in the realization of this desire. Be open to a discussion.

Pisces July 12222 Horoscope

Tonight: Where the crowds are. A must appearance is inevitable. A boss or authority figure wants to know your true feelings and thoughts about an important matter. An unexpected twist with a close friend or loved one adds more color to your day. Tonight: Accept an invitation out. You cannot imagine that others will seem so friendly and willing to pitch in after their recent coldness. This thaw in an interaction might happen as soon as today, but it will definitely take place in the next few days.

Meanwhile, follow a whim! Tonight: Authenticity counts. One-on-one relating draws good results. A partner finally hears your willingness to work through a problem loud and clear. You've possibly tried a new approach to eliminate a recent tension. Listen to the other party. This person's feelings count! Tonight: Take your cue from a loved one.

Do not overthink another person's gesture. You could easily misread what is going on. Accept a gracious gesture. Stay open to conversations and some fun. You like the potential opening you see. Tonight: Midweek break.

Bigar's Stars Daily Horoscope in the San Francisco Bay Area - SFGate

Frolic away. Focus on the quality of your day-to-day life. LEO July Aug. Don't be so uptight about what is happening; rather, flow with opportunity. Be clear with another, even though your actions might speak wonders. Tonight: Let another share his or her dreams. Step back, in this case. Follow through with a friend or loved one who you always enjoy.

Don't be with difficult people.


Be polite, but move on right now. Laughter surrounds you late in the day. Tonight: Be available. Though yours is an unusually social sign, treat yourself as well as you do others. News from a distance might be disconcerting. Flow with changes. Tonight: Don't make a big deal out of anything. An associate might feel a bit uptight about what is going down; relax and have a discussion. Share your insights with another. You'll find a way around a problem. Tonight: Spice up your night.

Your Horoscope

Why should you? Others seek you out. Popularity soars, but you really might prefer to deal one-on-one with another. Conversations that come from the heart bring closure. Tonight: Flow with the moment. You could be surprised by the actions of someone you look up to. Take your time when responding to others.

PISCES ♓ THE ONE AND ONLY ~ Mid April 2019

Tonight: Paint the town red. How you deal with a partner could radically change as the result of what occurs today. Be willing to let someone else ride the crescent of this wave for you, and you will be much happier. Tonight: Out with a favorite person. There has been substantial quibbling over a key issue. Finding a resolution might seem impossible at first, but know that you will get past this problem. Defer to others, and listen to what they have to say; they could surprise you with what they come up with.

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Tonight: Time to celebrate! Understand your limits, and ask for help from those who know more than you do. You might be surprised by how willing others are to pitch in and help. Avoid a power play at all costs. Tonight: Get plenty of R and R. Go forward in a positive way with the expectation of jumping through any hoops that appear. You could surprise others with an unanticipated statement.

Follow your sixth sense. Tonight: Ever frisky.

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Recognize that this standoff is probably a no-win situation. Either refuse to get back into this argument or let it go. Tonight: Stay centered.